You'll Move From "Suffer Head Sales"  To Getting BULK Buyers" That'll Pay Upfront & Shockingly, run FREE & Fast Deliveries

-> Doesn't Require A Website
-> Can Be Setup With a Phone
-> Facebook Ads, Optional.

And I will give you N26,391 in 2 weeks if it fails you

4,101 Sellers Enrolled

Joel Amawhe

Letter From Joel Amawhe,
Abuja, Nigeria.
Edited: 10th Feb, 2024 - 9:02AM

Dear Struggling Product Seller,

One thing has brought you here.  

You Have Good Products To Sell, But You Suffer from Slow  Sales

Your business has become, “get one order today and before the next one, you’re broke again”

If this is so, 
Take everything you read here seriously...

Lets Start With Some Testimonies...

You’ll think you’re using juju on them when they start begging you to buy in bulk and even pay upfront.
I won’t lie, i didn’t expect this training to work cos it sounded stupid but here we are, me and my husband selling out everyday.

From struggling to do N100,000 with plenty stress in a whole month to now making N914,000 in sales in just 3 weeks, Omo, we’re never going back to one by one and pay on delivery. Na here we die. lol”

Those are the exact words of Mrs. Zainab, a product seller in Danbare, Kano, Nigeria

It’s a similar story for Mr. Eugene, a Network Marketer with PURE, Oriflame & IMMERI.

Not only that...
If you ask Mr. Famous, who came out of prison and started ecommerce, he’ll also tell you how much sales he now rakes in.

Cosmos, who turned to ecommerce after his farm was flooded used my system to make N300,000 in bulk sales in exactly 17 days with only about N14,000 Initial Spend.

That's still not all...

How About the N3,000,000 that Daniel Made in One Month?




So I Don't Waste Your Time,

DON'T READ Further If Your Product;

  • Has a fixed price you can't adjust: Selling to bulk buyers means you have to design wholesale and retail prices. If you're unable to do this, this system is not for you. 
  • Low Quality or Fake: Please, do not take advantage of my strategies to sell products that do not work.

    This not a bluff.

    In as much as how you handle your business do not affect mine or other students...

    I think I am getting pretty popular as the inventor of the SWOF system and wouldn't want to have my image tarnished. 
  • Perishable. If your products can go bad in a few weeks, my system may not work for you. The reason is, it'll be super hard to get bulk buyers with the right storage facilities to keep the products fresh.  
  • Highly Expensive: From my experience, its a lot harder to get bulk buyers for products that are priced at N100,000 or more per unit.
    Unless, you're comfortable selling fewer units as wholesale.

That's All.

If you promise that your products do not fall into any of that,

then you must take the next part very seriously. 

Haven't You Suffered Enough?

Whether you produce, import, dropship or even a networker,

There’s nothing you HAVE NOT done to quit the surfer-head selling to start getting buyers really quickly.

But for God’s Sake, everything is failing! 

1. You are always posting everywhere - WhatsApp, facebook, Instagram, etc

You barely even get a “hi” or “hello”

2. You decided to start running ads. That's what the gurus say, right?

Yet, all you get is “I’m interested” and “how much”
You simply waste money or get your ad account disabled

3. You created a website or even paid someone to do it. Oh Gawd!  NOTHING still.

Its like pouring water in a basket

4. When you manage to get orders, Its PAY ON Delivery.

Majority of these orders are sent from Hell.
Its either canceled orders or some people switching off their phones when your rider is nearby.

And you know you still get to pay the agents…hahaha

In summary,

If ads does not frustrate you,
Delivery agents will

If they don’t,
Pay on delivery customers will suck out your sanity.

This is what happens to you EVERYDAY

You started this business to have something doing in this economy so that, 

  • You are able to make money for yourself and your family
  • Pay bills and support your spouse
  • Build something that can consistently generate cashflow for you

But everything keep falling apart

And you’re just asking yourself…

Can I really depend on this business?

If nothing changes,
You’ll either give up your products as free gifts during your wedding (if you’re single) or sell them off below your cost price and count your losses.

Or they continue to gather dust in your house.

But...Why Can't You Just Sell Fast?

With a very frustrated look on your face, you’re always asking yourself;

  • Is it the product? But It works and its quality
  • Or is it the price? But its cheaper than others.
  • Or is it that I didn’t spend enough on ads?
    But you cant keep wasting the money when nothing happens
  • Or Maybe you don’t know how to run ads?
    But nothing changed when you paid someone the last time.

What Exactly is missing?

You’ve seen some people post about how they’re getting sold out that you feel slightly jealous.

You’re now even thinking maybe it's a Spiritual problem because how else do you explain your lack of sales despite having a good product?

Its Time To Change Your Style

What if I tell you...

That, there is a SECRET Selling Method To Make Nigerians RUSH Your products?

  • With or Without Ads
  • With or Without a website
  • With No Pay on delivery but even get paid upfront
  • and Without Spending a DIME on Delivery?

How on earth is this possible?

Now, Relax and follow me...

You see this System ehn?
It WORKS but on


And that is...You MUST Agree To Sell In BULK and Not Retail

Yes, you read that correctly...

I’m saying that my system will help you sell way faster than you ever imagined if you agree to sell your products in bulk ONLY.


Look, my friend, I have made so much money selling products online that I can boldly declare that…

Everyone Who Sells Products ONLINE Should Sell in BULK Only. Period

Let me explain:

My mother runs a kiosk (aka Provision store)
She doesn't bother about Pay on Delivery
She doesn't waste money on ads.

She only sits and waits for people to come and buy and she looses nothing if they don't buy when they come...

But that's not the same for you selling retail online.

The plenty wahala with online selling do not favour small retail sellers like you unless you're the Mighty Jumia.

Even Jumia struggles with Retail so much that they’re not even profitable.

Okay, Consider this:
With the one or two pieces that you sell at time that doesn't even happen quickly…

Can you sell 900pcs of a N7,800 product like the one below?

Look, even if I have to travel miles myself to deliver my goods, I won't mind provided its bulk sale.

I mean 30pcs, 50pcs, 100pc, etc...

Is it not the same troubles and costs to sell 1pc that'll spend on selling 30pcs, and so on?

If statistics have shown that 3 out of 5 orders fails…

This means if I only sell in bulk, the 2 successful ones will cover the losses from the other 3 not so?

Know this:
The difference between the retail you sell and the BULK that I do is like Night and Day

Selling in BULK Means One thing…

Quick Turnover - that is getting profits in one big piece even if it means selling cheaper.

Look at this:

You see that crappy house?

It was selling in bulk pretty fast that I was able to move from there and paid off the debt I owed my wife’s cooperative to…

buying my first car, starting a house project,
starting a gym center, and taking care of my family.

The "get one buyer today and another in 2 days" style of selling couldn't get me that.

Now, I know you're wondering...

  • “How does selling in bulk solve my problem?”
  • I get slow sales, and you say, I should sell in bulk”
  • “Where do I even get them?”
  • “How does it solve Pay on Delivery? If customers can't pay small money upfront, is it when its bulk sale ”
  • “Won’t I still waste money on ads?”
  • Won't delivery still be a problem especially now that goods are bulky?

"Now, Here is The SECRET..."

The SOLUTION is a Powerful Selling Method Known as “SWOF”.

Don't let it confuse you..

It stands for Smart Wholesale & Order Fulfillment.

It's a very crazy but 100% legal sales system that has consistently help my wife & I to do the kind of sales you see on the image below. 



The strategy is pretty simple yet highly effective.

It involves three things:

1. A database of nearly 200,000 People who are willing to buy products in bulk Without Ads

Think of this like me sending you a list of people who are ready to buy your products in bulk and go resell offline. 

Infact, the list is designed in a way that you get to see the kind of products they're interested in e.g Fashion, Health, etc

2. A pool of over 100M people who are also willing to buy products in bulk With Just "one-time out-of-pocket" N10K  Paid Ads

Can you beleive this? 
This a much bigger list of prospective bulk buyers and this easily happens with just about N10,000 Ad Spend. 

This is clearly not regular Facebook Ad. 

3. An insane offer that makes them do two things;

A. Refuse to buy retail and instead buy in bulk
B. Makes them to Pay Upfront without fear of being scammed. 

4. A System that Strangely helps to deliver products without delivery charges 

This surely crazy! 
Imagine not spending a dime to make deliveries anywhere in this country?
Imagine making deliveries anywhere under 24hours ANYWHERE?

And even easily make deliveries in other countries?
You can call this some super product distribution system and you'll be closer to the truth.

This means you 're to delete dispatch riders and annoying delivery agents from your list. 

You know the craziest part?

Everything Requires a One Time Setup and Costs roughly about just N20,000 to setup.

Can you beleive that?

Infact, with this system setup,

All my wife & I do is to simply make new stock available for our bulk buyers or get new bulk buyers when we want to scale.

Set and forget marketing
No posting everywhere
No Pay on delivery
No logistics problems.

Yet making at least 3 - 4 million every single month. 

Now, I want to TEACH YOU how to setup quickly..

and yes, i am an excellent teacher...
You can see what some of my students say about my teaching style.

But Joel, why share the secret?

“If you make this much, why not keep it to yourself?”

Thats probably a question you have a mind…

SO let me knock it out.

I am going to teach you for 2 SELFISH reasons.

Firstly, as an only child, I always wanted to be very famous for a lot of things.

One of them is, I want to be known as the guy who made it so much easier for people like you to sell and shine.

I want to travel to every corner of this country and have people bring flowers to me at the airport (smile)

Comments like these ones excites me more than anything else...

The Second selfish reason is, my third child, Odomero eats too much. [hahaha]

SO I need a lot of money to feed his bellies and that of his siblings.

Caption: He only smiles like this when he has food.

Thats clearly a joke. Hahaha…

But on a serious note.
I am making quite a bit of money from teaching this.

Yes, I already make money from selling.

But there’s nothing wrong in also making money from helping others especially since it doesn't affect my business.

Oh yes, even if everyone know about my strategy, it changes nothing. Believe me.

And by the way, I am not the first to share business secrets,

The likes of Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and even Warren Buffet all share their secrets and it doesn't reduce their income.

Consider this:
If everyone keeps their secrets, how will the world get better?

So, Here’s what I did for you!

I recorded myself in a series of
26 videos as lessons split into 10 modules

where I explain step by step how to deploy this selling system into your existing product selling business. 

Here's What You'll Learn.

  • Forget about Facebook Ads first, you’ll discover the INSANE OFFER That Will make Nigerians to Never Buy Retail from you Again but only BUY in BULK.
  • Where to Find Nigerians that BUY in BULK and resell offline.
  • I will show you a cheap open secret to get them to buy more than your minimum order quantity.
  • Shockingly, You’ll find out why your BULK Buyers will be happy to resell ONLY Offline
  • You’ll delete all your Delivery Agents and Dispatch Riders and use the Almighty Delivery System for faster and FREE Deliveries without owning a single Bike.
  • Pay on Delivery will be gone - You’ll discover the Dirty-cheap secret (legally allowed) to Make Nigerians Pay you Upfront.
  • I will show you how I made 4.7Million in just 3 weeks - the exact product i sold, the offer, delivery and everything. This will blow you away.
  • How to Track Everything - Sales, Deliveries, etc using a 15 years old FREE App and run your business like a pro. (This makes running your biz like eating a candy)
  • Why and How to Decide what location to Sell In Using my Area Mapping Tactics without even leaving your room.
  • The truth about sales funnels. The stuff you see everyone else doing is failing, but this new method is simpler and it's working. Case study walks you through it in Module 4.
  • Forget those sales funnels and forms, use the Four (4) Stage FREE Marketing & Closing System That Guarantees EVERYDAY BULK SALES taught in Module 2.
  • The right and exact words to say at every stage
  • What to do if you're brand new and nobody's ever heard of you.
  • A very smart tactics (legally allowed) to get capital to import, buy goods or even produce. And its Not pre-order groups.
  • The exact free tools and materials I use are handed to you. This will make your journey faster and you’ll look like a pro.
  • I Will Show you A Secret Free Warehousing System of SWOF that a Popular Politician used to Expand to Ghana and South Africa Last year. (You'll know him if I mention his name) 

You’re right...that's a lot of battle-tested strategies and tactics to be given out for such a low fee.

But that's not even all..

Here's Something That Can Make You Money TODAY
...even if You Don't Buy SWOF.

My Wife Uses the Following Steps to Bank N300K Weekly

Step 1: She goes to and search for hot selling products that very cheap

Step 2: She then goes to (Ghana's Jiji) to find out how much they sell same products there.

What she discovers most times is that the prices on are  cheaper than that of and that is where the money is

What She Does Next Will Shock You

Step 3: She then goes on Get Ghanaian BULK Buyers who then pay her Upfront

Step 4: She buys the Goods from the Nigerian Jiji seller and send them to the Ghanaian BULK Buyer without Paying Delivery Charges

But there's a Problem:

How and Where does she get the Ghanaian BULK buyers?

How does she make them pay her upfront even as a Nigerian?

How is she able to accept payments from Ghana?

How can she make deliveries to Ghana and then for FREE?

Ready for the answer?

Its simple. She uses SWOF.

And I am going to show you just how this is POSSSIBLE in this course.
If you can figure it out on your own, you'll make money but...

If you get SWOF today, you'll make more money even faster.

And Oh...

Before I forget, the SWOF system...

Is Designed for People Who Hate “Selling” & It’s Easy to Setup 

Listen. If you don’t like “sales”, or you’re not very tech savvy, you’re not alone, many of my students were not before I taught them.

You only need two skills:
If you can create an email address and can chat with WhatsApp, you’re good to go. 

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

  • A well Structured Curriculum of High Quality Video Lessons 
  • Materials, Lists of bulk buyers & Resources 
  • Weekly Live Q/A Video Sessions  
  • Community of other sellers who've bought this course

Watch This Sample Lesson

What is the Cost?

I am making you a deal you can't refuse

Look, I do not need to preach to you about how much of a difference this course will make for your business.

You know I CAN charge as much as N100,000 for this course and it will be very fair. 

Because look at:
In just two weeks,

You'll have bulk buyers rushing to buy your products in bulk,

I mean 30pcs, 100pcs, etc 

You'll no longer bother about expensive ads

You'll no longer bother about pay on delivery. 

You'll begin to get payments upfront which even gives you capital to import or produce. 

You'll begin to deliver fast and free.

SO charging a 100K is just so fair...

But I won't charge 100K.

For two reasons:

and its not because I like you...

I dont even know you

So here's why: 

1. You may be skeptical if this thing will work.
Especially because, you may have bought so many courses promising heaven and earth with zero results. 

So spending a whooping 100K will be too much to risk. 

Secondly, times are hard. 
Its not like you're making any serious money.
Otherwise, you wont be here.

So, I have decided that, if I truly want to help, the most I will take to give you access to the course is N30,300

And this will be on Sunday, Next Week. 

But, I like to reward fast action takers.

For example, If I didnt take action quickly when I discovered this system of selling,

Perhaps, I will still struggle to pay my daughter's fees.

I wouldn't even be bold enough to make 2 more babies [hahaha]


N30,300 TODAY



Next Week Sunday

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

and if you think, its risky, 

I am including a...

85% Money-Back Guarantee

If after implementing what you find in the course and you don’t start selling in bulk and enjoy the other benefits in just...

2 weeks…

I will refund at least 85% of your money and you can still keep the course.

Think about this:
The worst that can happen is you get your money back for wasting your time. 

But Can All Of This Work For Your Product?

Here’s a Disclaimer:
The only type of products that SWOF DOSEN'T Work for Are Perishable Products.

But you see, the Closer I look at this "Selling System"
The more I realized it works for every other product.

This confidence comes from testing this for nearly 3 years and seeing results from 1700+ students who've used the system.

Truly I tell you this...

This system has been used by 

  • Mini Importers / Ecommerce Entrepreneurs
  • Network Marketers
  • Manufacturers and
  • Even Dropshippers

with products that cuts across...

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Household
  • Kitchen
  • Beauty
  • and so many more

What If You Don't A Product?

Here’s A GIFT For You.

Four (4) years ago, I created a formula that helps me find fast moving products. 

I am referring to products that Nigerians and Africans will rush to buy. 

You know what I did?

I recorded another video course in which my wife & I used this formula to find products .

I even included a list of 50 products you can start to sell today. 

You also get a list of suppliers across Nigeria. This is very helpful if you dont want to import. 

In addition, I filmed myself showing the process of importing from china. This section in the course also included shipping and buying agents. 

Think about this:
If the SWOF system works for different kinds of products,
What do you think will happen if I Show you a product to sell?

Short Answer is NO.
This other course for finding products currently sells for N30,300 but…

I am giving you at 50% discount when you get this SWOF Course between Now and Next Week Sunday.

So time is a factor.


I fully understand that you are likely skeptical.

Cause the internet is littered with phony “gurus”.

Who sell you nothing more than empty promises.

These guys only make money when you buy their course - they don't actualize practice what they teach.

So I don’t expect you to blindly take my word…

This is why, I'm passing the Microphone instead to real people like you who've used SWOF.

First, Videos...

Then, Some Text...

How To Enroll

If you’ve finally decided to quit your slow selling and embrace SWOF.

You’ll get the course instantly but…

Please Before You Pay, Read This First

The SWOF course is not centered on how to run Facebook, Instagram ads, etc.
That alone does not solve the problem.

SWOF is Beyond just setting ads.  

The 2 Weeks Refund Guarantee ONLY Applies if you truly tried my method and you didn't get bulk sales. 

It's important to put this out as some persons try to take advantage of my leniency to request for refund after accessing the system and materials...

and come back to lie that it didnt work. 

Now, Here's What You Need To Do

You need to make a payment of...

N30,300 TODAY



Next Week Sunday

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

You can do this either via bank transfer or with your Debit/Credit Card.

However you’ll need to provide some information like your email address.

Here’s the process:
For Bank Transfer (Nigerians Only):
If you want the Bank Details, you'll need to submit an order form.

To get this form, simply click on the button below this text.

For Card Payments:

Its a similar process too...simply click on the button below.

You'll be directed to a page where you need to fill the order form and Select Pay With Card option. 


This is no bluff.

Other than the price increasing to N30,300 by Next Week Sunday, This course will be pulled down pretty soon for...
One Major reason:

When I set out to launch this course, I only wanted to give it to 1,000 people and when we hit that number nearly two years ago, I took it down.
This really helped me focus on helping the 1,000 closely.

Now, with over 4,000 students already benefiting from the course, we’re in the final stretch of accepting another 1,000 participants.

We already have 576 students enrolled in this batch.

All of this means one thing:
When we hit 1,000 which will happen pretty soon, I will take it down and never sell it again.

Thanks for coming by and take it easy.

Best Regards,
Joel Amawhe

You Have Questions?

Here are Questions Sellers Like You Asked Before they Enrolled

I'm not Computer Savvy, Can I do this?

Absolutely. If you can create a Facebook account, you can do this. On the average, my students implement in 1 week and begin to get their first bulk sale.

What if I don't have Goods in Stock?

Nice Question. This where SWOF even rock the most. Provided you have a product in mind to sell, you can easily get SWOF BULK Buyers to pay upfront which gives you time and capital to ship. Not the Pre-order style. 

Apart from course fee, DO I need to spend anymore?

As shocking as this may sound, much of what you need is either free or cheaper than a crate of Pepsi

Is this about creating pre-order groups?

Not at all. This is no pre order groups as some people do. In-fact, if it turns out that you already do what I teach, I'll refund your money

Will you sell my goods for me or what?

Not exactly. What I am giving you is even better than selling for you. I am teaching you a new superb strategy to sell your goods yourself in bulk quickly. That way, you don't need me anytime you need to sell.

Is it a platform, website or what?

No. Its a step by step video course where you'll learn how to setup the Smart Wholesale System for yourself and even make money doing it for others.  

Is there a group / support for students?

Oh yes. In fact, every sunday, I go live to take and respond to questions from students. 

Who's this Joel Amawhe Guy?

And can you Trust me?

My Name is Joel Amawhe and this is where I am supposed speak very highly of myself.

I am supposed to start telling you about how I spent the past 11 years building million dollar business, won awards from both governments & private orgs, and how I represented Nigeria at GITEX DUBAI. 

I could also tell you I've been on Channels, Vanguard, Reuters, etc. and even spoken at TEDx but none of that matters and doesn't justify trusting me

After all, how many fake gurus and online marketing “experts” are all over the place, making all kinds of promises and claims?

I totally agree with your skepticism, here.

In the online marketing space, there are too many “experts” who don’t really know what they’re talking about. People who have only ever made any income by promising to teach other people how to make money…

But perhaps this will ease your mind;

I DON'T Make MONEY from teaching people how to sell. 

I run my own product selling business alongside my other interest in real estate (i.e invented myPadi 2016), agric, and growth hacking.

The Teaching model I operate is Test, Test & Test then Teach so I am only showing you what I do myself.

I invented SWOF not from books or courses and I'm happy to share it because its evergreen.